Wounded Warrior Concert

Sold out concert at RHS
Thursday, November 24, 2011 
The Roslyn Fire Companies have reported another extremely successful fundraiser for the Nassau County Firefighters Wounded Warriors Project. Following its debut last fall, the Roslyn firefighters again organized a Doo-Wop concert to support this important cause. Recently, community members packed 500 deep into the auditorium at the Roslyn High School to listen to the concert and support the cause. All told, firefighters and other community members helped raise $31,000 for injured servicemen and women throughout the country. Many other Nassau County fire departments support the Wounded Warrior project, and this winter many will travel to military hospitals to visit some of those who have just returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. The fire companies have already announced a third concert for next year, with the hopes that this program can continue to generate the kind of support that past years have demonstrated. "This year's concert attracted another sell-out crowd," said Henry Krukowski, who leads the fire companies' committee to support the Wounded Warriors. "We feel strongly about supporting our country's armed forces, particularly those who are injured while defending the country," he added, noting that this year's program was again put on with generous support from the Roslyn Heights Funeral Home. Information on tickets for this fall's concert will be forthcoming later this spring. Anyone interested in learning more about the program or making a donation can call the fire companies' dedicated Wounded Warrior line at 587-7187.

Roslyn Rocks for Wounded Warriors
Monday, November 1, 2010 
Written by Joe Scotchie

Concert Raises Funds for Injured Servicemen and Women

For months, Roslyn Rescue president Henry Krukowski had been planning for a “Roslyn Rocks For Wounded Warriors” concert at Roslyn High School. When the big day came on Saturday, Oct. 16, Henry’s expectations were happily exceeded as more than 500 people jammed into the high school auditorium for an evening of music and speeches, all intended to benefit the Nassau County Firefighters, Operation Wounded Warrior project (NCF-OWW).

A color guard comprised of servicemen from the four branches of the Armed Forces, including those just back from service in Afghanistan, enter the auditorium.

The event raised over $15,000 from ticket sales, raffles, Chinese auction items and donations. Among the bands in concert were Lenny Cocco and The Chimes, Barbara Harris and The Toys, The Cavaliers, Earl Lewis and The Channels, and Sammy Sax and The MDs. All performed the Doo-Woop music that many in the audience had grown up on. The event was supported by numerous local politicians, including Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto and Rep. Gary Ackerman.

The stage was decorated by an American flag, plus those of the four branches of the Armed Services, and banners with lyrics from the rock opera Tommy by legendary British band, The Who. The latter extravaganza was supplied by Roslyn High School students. Most dramatically of all, the color guard featured local veterans who had just returned to the States from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. When concertgoers drove to the high school, they were greeted by a super-large American flag, this one flying high from the crane of a Roslyn Rescue fire truck.

Wounded Warriors Services

The event was co-sponsored by both Roslyn Rescue and the Roslyn Heights Funeral Home. There are up to 25 other fire companies in Nassau County that sponsor Wounded Warrior events. This was the first time such an event was held in Roslyn and Krukowski hopes it can become an annual occurrence. The Roslyn branch of Wounded Warriors is strictly non-profit with no paid positions.

The purpose of Wounded Warriors is to provide needed items to injured servicemen and women throughout the country. In early December of each year, up to 100 Nassau County firefighters visit injured troops in both Walter Reed and Bethesda hospitals in the Washington, DC area, plus at such bases as Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg, both located in eastern North Carolina to provide cheer and needed essentials. That includes telephones, televisions, and even a bedroom set for a newborn child.

“Whatever they need, we give them as long as we have the money,” Krukowski said.

Krukowski added that the next Wounded Warriors concert in the Roslyn area would be held on Sunday, Nov. 21 at the Williston Park Fire Department firehouse on 454 Willis Ave.

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